For the second assignment of the Making Networked Culture, we were to get into a group of three to five, and re-create a sound environment through individual recording; I formed a group with Justin and Delon, and that we decided to recreate a Night Club environment. The role were assigned with Justin did the music, Delon did the door, I did the voice of the bouncer and we all co-operated on recording the crowd. Originally there was meant a small conversation recorded, but I felt that this would only complicate matters, and that simplicity was the best move for this assignment.

I used the audio-editing program Audacity to edit my recordings and manipulate it to resemble the sound environment. I originally recorded the bouncer at university in various locations, but the problem was that the background noise would often be louder than my voice. After hearing this in Audacity, I decided to record it at home, using my bathroom as my make-shift recording area. I tried various conversational pieces that a bouncer might use, to give more choices to use from. Once I finished recording, I went on Audacity to edit the audio. First, I removed the noise using the the noise removal tool, then I proceeded to utilise the Amplify tool to increase the volume of my voice. Afterwards I experimented with the levels of the bass and treble, to which a considerable amount of bass was decreased, and finally I used the Normalizer tool to increase the noises a slight bit, to make a more natural sound to the audio.

When we presented our unfinished piece in the computer lab for feedback on Wednesday, Hugh told us that our main problem was that the door and the bouncer didn’t feel a part of the spacial environment and that we needed to further edit our sounds to closely be effective in that space. Later that day, I took Hugh’s advice of experimenting with the reverb time to make the audio more in tune with an outdoor feel to it. So back on Audacity, I used the GVerb effect by which I placed all the effects back to a default sound in order to begin my experiment. I mainly focused on the Reverb time, Dry signal level and Tail level to give a light echo to my voice, which only lowered the volume which was effective for the sound of someone who voice was drowned by the loud music; Roomsize was only leveled if the others didn’t sound aligned perfectly. Finally to finish, I again used the Amplify effect to decrease the volume of my voice to further enhance the lowered voice, drowned in a pool of loud noises.

I uploaded my audio onto Soundcloud, and linked it to Delon to further edit. He later sent me the final product, and I am actually surprised at how well our sound environment turned out. While there could be improvements on the work, I think for what the final product was, I am happy with the result; I particularity liked how Delon soften the second part of the bouncer’s conversations to further enhance the realism of the audio once the door is opened to the loud music.


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