020414 (Tutorial Five)

For this tutorial, Hugh gave us our group assignments of manipulating sounds in order to create a sound environment. Hugh gave the ability to choose our own groups of 2-4 people, as he cited that we were old enough and within our fifth week to decide who we want to be in our group. I was formed into a group of three, and this was where the group assignment feel apart.

While I won’t say who, let’s just say that me and a member of our group have a mutual dislike for each other, though we were willing to put aside our differences to achieve our goal. I reluctantly decided to go the majority on their choice of recreating a sound environment of a nightclub; I wanted to do something more geared towards a sound environment of an empty and mysterious setting that would appear in movies, but two reasons made me agree with the group. One was that Hugh wanted to get the assignments done by the following week, which didn’t give us reasonable prep time to recreate an authentic sound environment, while the second reason was that judging by the group’s reactions towards my initial lack of interest towards the chosen sound environment, I decided to go along for the sake of getting the job done.

We had trouble attempting to brainstorm three distinctive sounds that we could recreate, and we had Hugh to help us out, by watching a Chemical Brothers music video which depicted a nightclub for ideas. We chose to do something similar to a nightclub, in which we would create someone entering a nightclub. Our problems grew bigger over me and my other member’s disagreements over how the sound recording should go. They seem reluctant to record the sound of conversation on how I felt it should be done, and also on how accurate I was. He began to micro-manage us, and even took the role of the other member’s job, which weaken and gave us two minimal jobs to recreate a door opening, and a bouncer at the club.

This assignment showed that I had to allow to let my personal feelings stand aside of assignments, but that shouldn’t mean that any ideas I have towards it should be argued over. I bonded with the other member of the group and found how we both had similar approaches and that if possible, we could achieve more with the sound environment, had I let my personal feelings remain doormat for the time-being.


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