270314 (Tutorial Four)

Because of the protest the previous day, the tutorial for this subject was moved to either the following days of Thursday and Friday. Adding to this difficulty was that the computer lab was booked for the afternoon, so instead the class took place in the recording studio within the same building.

I came to the class late, so I had a quick introduction to what the make-shift tutorial was about; because the following assignment was to recreate sound environment, the tutorial would split the class into two groups and create a scenario with dialogue in the sound recording studio. We would have to learn to be Foley artists and recreate sounds to create a believable scenario. The first group’s rather mediocre performance led my group to examine their flaws, and what we could be able to do to perfect it.

My group’s performance in the studio was without arrogant, in superior terms to our predecessors. While our foley works was flawed and could be improved, our creativity and teamwork was the central factor to our minor success. The sound environment didn’t work out as well as we hope to achieved, but we were able to come up ideas of how perfect it and alternatives to what could be intended. Our main focus was towards the acting and the believability of the scene, rather than the environment which could be taken both ways. My main role in the group, was rather that close to a director. I was the one who was coming up with most of the ideas and directing the others on their jobs; that isn’t to say that it wasn’t a collaborative process. In fact, I would say that I had a rather minor job, compared to the others, and I wished I could have been more involved more in the final piece, as they had wanted me to play the piano, with limited success; I did however provide the scream at the beginning, and I wished we went with the more surreal and bizarre ideas we had.

Overall, while this proved to me that I wasn’t really much interested in sound, I’ve enjoyed it enough to want to develop my skills in the art of sound manipulation.  I hoped that this would have been a good warm-up for my next assignment on re-creating sound environment.

(The reason why a blog for that week’s lecture wasn’t written was that I had arrived to the lecture late, and that to be frank, I was slightly hungover from the day before. Several apologies)


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