190314 (Tutorial Three)

In the third tutorial for the Making Network Culture class, the topic of hyper-linking was the main focus of the tutorial.

He told us that hyper-linking wasn’t regulated to just video games, but also upon the internet, particularity social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube  and various others. Youtube was particularity the main discussion as the site’s ‘recommend column’ on the side of each video viewed was a prime example of hyper-linking. The videos in this column were based on an algorithm in which is somewhat linked to the video viewed, based on tags, users and titles amongst other forms. These algorithms are the basis on how we shape our habits, or how it detects our profile, similar to Facebook to our profiles and particular interests. A discussion formulated for a bit, about the algorithm and how it has appeared in our everyday online interactions, referring back to our first lecture and tutorial.

Hugh ended the discussion, by covering our next assessment briefly, before talking about the submission process about all our assignments, especially our hypertext essay due that week. For the rest of the tutorial, Hugh allowed us to experiment with the sound-editing program, Audacity; this was to allow to try out the program for a future assignment. We experimented with recording sound within the room/ourselves, and edited the recorded sound with effects until we were satisfied with the sound we created. Most of my classmates, attempted to create an ambient and more astmospheric sound similar to gothic horror film; I went for a more surrealistic and electronic chipmunk scream.

Finally, we had to upload the sound clip onto our Soundcloud account, and from there onto our blog. We briefly wrote about what our processes on the sound editing on our blog, along with a screenshot of the sound recording on the editing bay. While it was easy to upload it onto Soundcloud, it took a while before Hugh explained that he wanted us to embed the link onto our blog. First time for everything, I guess. End of discussion.


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