180314 (Lecture Three)

For the third lecture, Hugh discussed into more depth about the history of the internet, particularity hypertext and hyper-linking. The thing about hypertext and hyper-linking is that it doesn’t remain in a linear structure, but instead jumping freely off an straightforward path. A prime example of this is video games.

Video games, such as Grand Theft Auto series and Saints Row have a hyper-textual narrative, in such the ability of free choice in the games’ system upon the options given to us; this defines what hypertext and hyper-link is, in which the user is given the choice to select what it desires, which is essential in encapsulating hypermedia. Introduced in the lecture was the concept of Memex, a form of desk that would have instantly brought any subjects information upon the operator’s command. It was conceptualize as fitting in a whole library into one desk, allowing for storage and recording new information, along with references; this is similar to how humans store information in their minds, in that while we don’t store all information we receive, but have a hyper-textual thinking, to which we have the ability to choose what we want to remember.

ENQUIRE, Tim Berners-Lee’s previous software project written in 1980, which was a prototype to the World Wide Webwas named after the book Enquire What Upon Everything, a how-to guide for domestic life. Despite the topic of the book, Berners-Lee was inspired by this book based on how it was like a hyper texted encyclopaedia, in which everything about domestic lifestyles was in that book.

This all circulates to a discussion at the end of the lecture in which Hugh talks about how every step of our lives are basically mapped out, especially now because of our online interactions through the social media. The internet allows for the engagement upon different paths, in which individuals contribute towards the network culture, shaping and creating new pathways in a expanding network culture.


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