120314 (Tutorial Two)

In the second tutorial for the Making Networked Culture subject, the discussion of the impact of the internet has had on the culture of human interaction and their psychological actions. The most recent example is of the viral internet campaign of Kony 2012 by the Invisible Children Inc. in which director Jason Russell , on whose purpose was to promote the indictment of African cult military leader and war criminal Joseph Kony to the International Criminal Court. Most people’s reaction to the video was in full-hearted support of the campaign, even though most of the viewers didn’t watch the full 30 minute running time. Despite the speculations of the project’s legitimacy and Russell’s psychological instability which caused interest to waned, it showed how people will immediately believe in the cause without much further research into the movement, as part of their psychological belief into committing of what the internet says is basically more or less ‘law‘. It’s ironic to note that as I’m in Hugh’s position where we both seen the whole short film, in which I agree that the last 5 minutes had the most important points, whereas most viewers would watch the first 10 minutes.

This also is in connection to how the internet culture has left people in a form of bystander effect, in which if an incident happens in the real world, people will automatically call upon the incident, despite a lack of action. This may be due to the vast network of the internet, many of the internet users are left under the assumption that because of their anonymous nature, that others will help first. This only appears to be in effect when in large crowds.


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