110314 (Lecture Two)

Within yesterday’s lecture, Hugh spoke about from the moment of the creation of internet in the 1980’s to the modern today, our culture has been changed to a whole system of network upon the internet. The whole Networked Culture is surrounding us and that we have connected that into our lives that we never actually understand it in detail.

Because of the massive impact of the internet, our lives have physically and mentally altered by our compulsiveness to remain relied on the network culture. I found it interesting on how Hugh presented a mind-map of the connection between people on the social media, and how in all terms, people who are not on the social media with friends do not exist at all. This also can be considered by how devices such as a phone or a personal computer/laptop can also have a physical effect, such as the effects of bad posture; this is considered startling by how the physical effects was the equivalent to a 50-60 year old 20 years ago.

Kazys Varnelis’ The Meaning of Networked Culture places an emphasis on how the internet is not just a technological advancement, but also a socio-economic one. It was also pointed out to me that the invention of the internet came around the time of the end of the Cold War; the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, and the sudden status of ultrapower of the United States, suddenly connected the internet network to the success of capitalism in the west.


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